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Professional Horticulture Services

Lawn and garden care based on science and experience


The natural area surrounding your home should be a place for relaxation and enjoyment, as well as an asset that adds value to your home. Knowledgeable, timely lawn and garden care protects your landscape whether it is through annual spring cleanup after ferocious Cape Cod winters or a plan of regularly scheduled mowing and garden maintenance developed for your unique situation.


The Cape Organics horticulture experts understand the art and science of caring for your managed landscape.


We partner with you to develop a customized plan to maintain the beauty and health of your lawn and garden while easing the burden of time-consuming, labor-intensive tasks that take you away from the people and activities you enjoy.


Cape Organics professional horticulture services include:

  • Mowing

  • Seasonal pruning

  • Fall cleanup to prepare your plants for winter dormancy

  • Spring cleanup to promote a strong start to the growing season

  • Summer weeding

  • Edging

  • Garden maintenance

  • Plant dividing and transplanting

  • Tree trimming and removal


Talk with us today about your lawn and garden needs and we will create a horticulture care plan that fits you and your property.

Benefits of letting

Cape Organics do the work

  1. More free time to enjoy family, friends, and hobbies

  2. Improved health and longevity of your landscape investment

  3. No maintenance of lawn and garden equipment needed

  4. Early identification and intervention of disease and pest infestation

  5. The right things get done at the right time to maximize the beauty of your property

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