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Natural landscape solutions built on trust

Our designs and landscape services emphasize ecologically sound practices that focus on native and naturalized plants that thrive in Cape Cod’s diverse environmental and soil conditions.


Cape Organics specializes in:

  • Landscape restoration

  • Native and naturalized landscape design and installation

  • Invasive plant management

  • Bio-engineered erosion control

  • Professional horticultural and maintenance services

  • Natural lawn and plant health care programs

  • Assisting clients with bringing properties into compliance with local and regional conservation regulations prior to, or following, construction or


We strive to treat all who we come into contact with in the same fashion we would want to be treated, developing client relationships which which often last well beyond the project at hand.


If you are ready to solve your landscape challenges and restore natural beauty to your property, contact us today so we can get started.

Cape Organics is proud to be affiliated with:
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