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Landscape Restoration

Natural landscapes. Natural beauty.


Services include:

  • Bio-engineered erosion control and bank stabilization - See more

  • Invasive plant management

  • Recovery of your managed landscape

  • Natural plant systems

  • Ecological landscape design and installation

Landscape restoration is much more than installing a few plants and hardscape. It is understanding the land, knowing how plants and the environment interact, and having a passion for the health and well-being of the ecological systems so important to Cape Cad.


The Cape Organics team focuses on meeting your landscape needs with a strategic plan that revitalizes the land’s biological diversity while enhancing your enjoyment of your property. We focus on three main areas to help you achieve landscape restoration success.


Ecological landscape design and installation

High-maintenance landscape design can be costly in terms of time, money, and potential damage to the environment. We use ecologically sensitive design and practices that reduce the amount of upkeep and inputs typical of a conventionally managed landscape. These plans often blend hardscape elements – including patios, fire pits, walkways, and retaining walls – with gardens, plantings, and trees to enhance your property and create spaces where you and your family can enjoy the outdoors with less effort.

Natural plant systems

We approach landscape projects with a holistic view of how plants, soil types, and the typography of the land interact to achieve your goals. Instead of simply filling a space with something green or flowering, we develop natural plant system consisting of a variety of native or naturalized plants that work together for aesthetic benefit and positive environmental impact. 


By recovering the natural ecology and utilizing site appropriate native or naturalized vegetation, we encourage the return of a diverse wildlife population for years to come.


Invasive plant management

Invasive plants choke out other vegetation, destroy beneficial habitats, and reduce wildlife diversity. As experts in invasive plant management, we work with you to correct the problem through a series of well-executed steps in which we:

  1. Review all areas of your property to analyze and inventory existing plants and trees

  2. Evaluate the mix of plants, identify invasive species for removal, and earmark beneficial vegetation to recover the desired ecological function and aesthetic

  3. Implement best management practices to remove invasive or nuisance vegetation

  4. Install proposed vegetation with appropriate amendments that assist in plant establishment

  5. On-going site visits throughout the growing season to monitor plant health

  6. Provide you with practical direction and tips for healthy, long-lasting plants



Our plans:

  • Incorporate plants designed to thrive in your location

  • Reduce maintenance

  • Support plant health through soil testing and natural amendment

  • Reduce mowing and watering through the introduction of diverse turf blends

  • Support wildlife, including pollinators, with a diverse mix of plantings

Expert landscape guidance you can trust

Cape Organics owner Lindsay Strode, as a Master Gardener with the University of Massachusetts Extension Service, was part of an Extension Service committee that developed a comprehensive list of plants that can be successfully used on Cape Cod to replace invasive vegetation species. This work gives him access to other horticulture experts throughout the state upon which to draw for knowledge about unique or complex situations you may be facing with your property.


Lindsay is also an expert in local, state, and federal protected site regulations. He can advise homeowners, real estate agents, and developers on actions needed to bring lands into legal compliance with regulations while protecting the integrity of surrounding wetlands and ecologically sensitive areas.

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