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Erosion Control & Bank Stabilization

Environmentally responsible erosion control solutions


Erosion isn’t a problem limited to the coast – it can be the result of improper grading when a home was built, or it can present itself on hillsides, along areas of travel, and along waterways. Adding to the complexity of the issue, if your property is within Federal, state or locally identified buffer zones to wetland resource areas, regulations may determine the type of measures allowed to protect or enhance your property. But there are other options.


Cape Organics was the first company to design and install bio-engineered erosion control systems on Cape Cod. We have more than 30 years of first-hand knowledge and experience so you can be confident in our ability to assess your level of erosion, determine the factors causing it, and work with you to develop a solution through a variety of eco-friendly practices.


Our bio-engineered erosion control techniques include:

  • Coconut or coir fiber rolls

  • Appropriate re-grading

  • Paths designed to shed water

  • Native or naturalized erosion control plantings

  • Coir, straw, and turf reinforcement matting

  • TRM vegetated swales, berms, and detention basins


Benefits of working with Cape Organics for bio-engineered erosion control and bank stabilization:

  • We design environmentally responsible solutions that are safe for wildlife.

  • Our systems can be used in conjunction with existing hard structure solutions.

  • Our experience has shown us the the extent to which soft solutions will succeed when sited correctly.

  • As horticulture experts, we understand which plants are best suited for erosion control purposes.

  • We create solutions that will not present an environmental liability for you or neighboring property owners.

How coir benefits erosion prone areas

In many instances, we use natural, ecologically friendly coir materials that contours to the shape of your bank or shoreline.


  • Coir provides a nutrient-dense base that allows bank stabilizing plants to become established.

  • The coir material safely biodegrades over time, leaving deeply rooted vegetation to handle the long-term protection of your property.

  • Coir is designed for fresh water and salt water applications. It is safe for fish, birds, and other wildlife, and it will not pollute waterways.

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